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Roll up: Joints, blunts and spliffs
Roll up: Joints, blunts and spliffs NYC

The beauty of flower is, there are so many ways to enjoy it. You can roll it up in rolling paper – fast and easy – or you can opt for a higher-tech delivery method, like a vaporizer. Here at Rare Garden, we don’t care how you enjoy it… but here are a few tips for the cannabis novice, or for anyone out there who wants to learn the cannabis lingo.

What is a joint?
Joints are cannabis rolled with rolling papers, which can be purchased at most convenience stores and any smoke shop. (Raw is a major player in the rolling paper market.) Joints are rolled tightly for a slow burn, and are identifiable by their crisp, white look. They’re like the crisp, white t-shirt of cannabis enjoyment. (OK, novelty rolling papers do exist with different patterns and motifs – think of them as a white t-shirt with a design on it.) Rolling papers come in different widths and lengths, but are generally about the length of a short cigarette. They are also available in different flavors and substances – you can get grape, cherry, chocolate and mint. (Some cannabis purists will match the flavor found in their weed to their papers – like our Jammy Dodgers pairs beautifully with a fruity rolling paper and enhances the creamy, strawberry vibe. Mmmm.)

What is a spliff?
Spliffs are also rolled with rolling papers, but here, the cannabis is missed with tobacco. Why would someone do this? For added flavor complexity, or to get the buzz from nicotine. It’s also a smart way to ration out your weed – by mixing it with tobacco you make it last longer. If you want more of a “high” effect, add more cannabis. Want more of a nicotine buzz… add more tobacco. Again, spliffs can be rolled with all types of rolling papers, increasing the flavor profile.

What is a blunt?
A blunt is made by rolling cannabis inside a cigar wrap. Many enthusiasts will purchase an inexpensive cigar (like Cigarillos) and dump the contents in order to refill the wrap with the weed of their choice. Why? Because cigar wraps are made out of tobacco leaves, which adds even more character and enjoyment to your high. Cannabis aficionados can also purchase blunt wraps at most convenience stores and smoke shops.

No matter which form of roll up you prefer – joints, blunts or spliffs – Rare Garden cannabis will deliver the higher end of high. Shop our flower selection now!

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