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Indoor Grow Facility

At Rare Garden, we start with a strong team – a collective of growers who are part scientists, part agriculturalists – 100% passionate. Our commitment to quality begins with the best soil, fed with natural fertilizer and no pesticides. Zero. We complement this dream-like soil with our best-in-class indoor lighting system to create the ideal environment for cultivating top quality Cannabis. Rare breeds, rare care.

Next, our cross-bred Cannabis plants are painstakingly tended and cared for by our expert growers – from the moment they’re bred to the moment the fragrant bounty is harvested. Our experienced growers rely on decades of experience – it’s no wonder we have achieved the highly coveted High Times L.A. Cannabis Cup Award. And we pick no bud before it’s time. We harvest at the peak of flavor, freshness and potency – ensuring our customers get the maximum characteristics of the flower. You won’t find Cannabis like this anywhere else.

Finally, we’ve mastered the supply chain by eliminating the middle man, and selling direct to consumer, allowing us to remain highly competitive with our pricing. Plus, we take care of the city and state taxes, and pass on those savings to you. Look to Rare Garden as your single source for rare Cannabis.