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Five Tips for Considerate Cannabis Consumption
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Now that cannabis has been legalized in New York State, cannabis enthusiasts are “coming out” – elated that they can now enjoy cannabis as freely as they would have a cocktail. But what about the people around you, who might not be friends of the whacky tobaccy? Is it possible that smokers and non-smokers can co-exist in this marijuana-friendly world? It is… as long as you practice some consideration before you spark up.

The smell of marijuana can be unpleasant to some individuals. Skunky, dank. It can even be triggering to some people. It’s for these reasons – and more – that cannabis enthusiasts need to show careful consideration when enjoying their favorite bud. Here are five ways you can show you’re a thoughtful person (who enjoys weed).

Five tips for cannabis consideration:

• Don’t step directly outside a club, restaurant or bar and light up. Nobody wants to exit a venue into a cloud of smoke – and this goes for tobacco and cigar lovers, too! Step into a side alley, or cross the street to a place where it’s not going to be right in someone’s face. That’s the key to consideration – don’t inflict it on someone who doesn’t want it.

• If you’re in a hotel room, hotels can fine $250 for smoking in the room – and that also goes for cigarettes! Find a quiet, outdoor area – a terrace or patio – where you can enjoy your cannabis without risking a fine.

• Apartment-dwellers, take note. Did you know the scent of your cannabis can seep through walls? You may think “I own this place… I can do what I want!” But you want to stay on good terms with your landlord and your neighbors. Do you have a balcony or even a fire escape? Check to make sure your neighbors don’t have their windows open if you choose this option.

• If you’re a guest at a party, remember, not everyone smokes. If you brought a fat blunt to pass around, ask people if they’d like to join you outside. Your host may thank you for not stinking up their apartment, and your friends will surely thank you for sharing. Win-win!

• If you’re somewhere outdoors – say the High Line (pun intended!) or Bryant Park – just be aware of the people around you. Families with children may not welcome the aroma, or the questions their kids may ask. “What’s that smell, Mommy?” Try to light up as far away from others as possible and keep everybody happy.

If you’re savvy enough to choose Rare-Garden, connoisseur-quality cannabis for your personal enjoyment, you’re classy enough to show the world that cannabis enthusiasts and non-users can co-exist peacefully!

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